Global Monitoring – Travel Risk Solutions

Kuoni Business Travel partner of Safeture

The safety of the employees is always of the most importance. Safeture’s platform is the optimal tool to always be up to date on the security situation for individuals and facilities. How and where we work has changed rapidly with employees spread out in many different locations like at home, a café, or a client’s office. If something serious happens, Safeture gives you an overview of the incident and which employees and facilities could be impacted, assisting you in making the right decisions and enabling you to provide support faster. Safeture’s platform ensures that reliable information can be communicated to the right people. Safeture is a modern SaaS (Software as a Service) company, with a secure platform that provides a subscription-based cloud service with constantly updated functionality and a 24/7 support team available for the customers.

Global Monitoring with A3M

With Global Monitoring, Travel Alerts, Travel Tracking, Country Risk Database and Tsunami Alarm System companies and tour operators can optimize their safety management procedures and respond quickly in a crisis. By using the A3M systems and services, you can improve the safety of your employees and customers. A3M in partnership with Kuoni Business Travel offers following services to their costumers:

  • Development of industry standards in the travel security
  • Individual customization of our systems
  • Analysis and provision of security-relevant information worldwide
  • 24/7 monitoring system and A3M editorial department
  • Country database with security classification for travelers
  • Situation description and action recommendation
  • Dispatch of country information prior to the start of travel
  • Provision of travel and flight data to locate your employees abroad (Travel Tracking)
  • Automatic comparison with current travel warnings
  • Warning of current events and risks by email and SMS (Travel Alerts)

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