Online self-booking tool


KDS Neo Travel is a complete door-to-door corporate trip planning and booking solution. It delivers complete bookable, door-to-door itineraries and also predicts related expenses for every business trip. All you need to tell Neo is where you need to go, when you need to be there and when you’re free to leave, and Neo does the rest. Thousands of routes and options are analyzed, based on search criteria, company policy and user An interactive graphical timeline and preliminary expense report are displayed within seconds. You can easily edit your trip and compare alternative options. Spending time booking business trips is a thing of the past. KDS Neo is simple, mobile and smart!


KDS Neo Travel is optimized for web, tablets, and phones. Users interact with their itineraries, tapping and swiping to access maps, flight numbers, hotel pictures or even street views of their trip.

The user experience is unlike any corporate booking tool you’ve ever seen. It is a complete revolution in what is possible for travelers and company managers.


From the results page, users can access flight, rail, hotel and ground transport alternatives. Trips can be fine-tuned while keeping a policy-compliant door-to-door timeline. The time to search and book an entire business trip is now measured in seconds.

Of course our online solution also offer the following features :

  • Travel policy management
  • Traveller & company  profile management.
  • Administration and Supervision access
  • Airlines and all types of fares worldwide .
  • Flight flexibility
  • Reference management
  • Pre-trip Approval

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