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Take advantage of a top quality service starting at CHF 20.- at Kuoni Business Travel!

For more than 100 years, Kuoni Travel has offered to their customers, a service of exceptional quality. For more than 40 years, Kuoni Business Travel is recognized, in the field of the business trips, for its skills, its knowledge and the quality of its service used every day by business men and women of our country.

It does not matter whether it is a meeting in Tokyo, a conference in Barcelona or an incentive trip to Milan. Important for the travelers are three things: quality, comfort and absolute reliability. Even more important is the impeccable organization. And this is exactly why we care for over 20 years. With professional contacts all over the world, future-oriented booking systems and an experienced team we are able to satisfy even the most demanding wishes !

Radius Travel Member

We Take You Global with Radius Travel !

Kuoni Business Travel  is a leading agency in Switzerland and a member of the Radius Travel network, the world's leading network travel management company. We meet Radius's global service, operations, and data standards.

Why consolidate with us? We deliver the whole package to make global work: global contracting, implementation, account management, technology, data, and savings – all with exceptional local service.

Like us, all Radius agencies have roots in their communities and brands your travelers will recognize. That translates to better buy-in from your teams, better experiences for your travelers, and better compliance for your company.

We believe every client, large or small, deserves solutions tailored to their needs. That’s why our model, our network, and our team are built to provide global scale and personal service. For travel program success on your terms.

To learn more about Radius Travel and other leading agencies like us in the Radius network, visit www.radiustravel.com




The Online self booking tool is a user-friendly and web-based booking and travel management solution.

Process your visa online and save time and money !

The Kuoni Travel newsletter is published on a quarterly basis and contains the latest and most interesting travel news.

Our presence

Our units are composed of small teams dedicated exclusively to business travel. Our staff are trained to manage every aspect of your business travel arrangements from A to Z (booking, ticketing, refunds, billing).This approach guarantees rigorous management of your complete travel dossier, with no time wasted or loss of quality. Our teams of experts are able to meet all your individual requests, however complex.

With over 70 branches throughout the country, you can be sure there is a Kuoni travel agency near you. And if you would like to be looked after by a team specially trained in managing and supervising your business travel arrangements, we will assign you to one of our three Business Travel-units specially dedicated to SMEs and large international clients. Located in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano, these specialist units will place a team of real professionals at your service so that you can benefit from their comprehensive expertise.

Kuoni Business Travel Zürich

Kuoni Business Travel Zürich

Kuoni Business Travel
DER Touristik Suisse AG 
Herostrasse 12
8048 Zürich

T +41 58 702 67 27

Kuoni Business Travel Suisse-Romande

Kuoni Business Travel Suisse-Romande

Kuoni Business Travel
DER Touristik Suisse AG
Chemin des Coquelicots 16
1214 Vernier-Genève

T +41 58 702 70 00 

Kuoni Business Travel Lugano

Kuoni Business Travel Lugano

Kuoni Business Travel
DER Touristik Suisse AG
Via Ronchetto 5
6904 Lugano

T +41 58 702 67 37

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information!

Emergency services

Kuoni Business Travel  will take care of your travel requirements, right around the clock.

Dial your normal telephone number outside of normal hours and connect to our specialist partner allseven24, where a friendly team of experienced agents will be ready to assist. 

For more information, please contact your Business Travel Center.

Compensation Tracker

Our goal is to make claiming compensation as easy and seamless as possible.

We protect your rights and help you get a compensation in case of:

  • Heavy delay
  • Cancellation
  • Off loading
  • Downgrading

Security & Risk Manager

Business travelers may be at risk in many ways: natural disasters, geographical or political conflicts, kidnapping, assault, accidents, etc. Therefore, companies want to control their employees' travel through monitoring and control of their reservations. 
"Security & Risk Manager" is the only fully automated and comprehensive management travel safety system. Our service brings together the travel and real-time location tracking, crisis management and evacuation support as well as a system of signs of life. With "Security & Risk Manager," you know where your travelers are.

SRM Standard (web) incl. alerts
Throughout the lifecycle of a trip its status is automatically updated to reflect the current situation, making it easy to see who is scheduled to travel, who is at a destination and who is in transit. provides companies and travelers with the latest travel and security information for any country or region. Sourcing data from numerous sources including government bodies and security companies

SRM Premium
Tracking: If a traveler sends an SOS or fails to confirm successful departure or arrival, or if a tracking device registers a deviation from the itinerary, VM Travel Tracker immediately alerts your company by SMS, voice or e-mail so that you can take action, such as arranging alternative transportation or triggering emergency procedures. 

Locate: application that monitors the real-time whereabouts of your staff and assets using mobile phone signals, smartphones and specialist tracking devices. In a crisis, you’ll know exactly where your employees are, and be able to alert them to potential danger.

Flight: helps you to enforce policies on maximum numbers, and red-flag any journeys on airlines that your company has decided not to use.

Pulse: sign of life service that requires employees to check in with the system at set intervals, which can be configured based on the threat level at any given location. You can configure it to require check-ins only when employees spend time in certain countries, or anywhere where the threat level is above a specified threshold.

Tax & Immigration: powerful tax and residency monitoring solution. It provides companies and travellers with essential information on how long employees are in a country. The module will warn travelers and compliance staff when travellers are close to breaching thresholds, ensuring that action is taken before its too late. Ensures that travellers have valid documentation when travelling, from passport expiry, to visa monitoring.

Kuoni Reisen – aber sicher. Ihre Ferien sind bei uns in besten Händen.

  • Über 110 Jahre Reiseerfahrung
  • Individuelle Beratung durch unsere Reiseexperten
  • Persönlicher Ansprechpartner in der Filiale – auch bei Online-Buchung
  • Unterstützung bei unvorhergesehenen Ereignissen
  • 24/7 Service - schnelle und unkomplizierte Hilfe im Notfall
  • Ihr Geld ist bei uns sicher – wir sind im Schweizer Reisegarantiefonds