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Swiss Airports

Online Visa

CIBT is the world’s largest passport and visa procurement service. CIBT has been established in Switzerland for more than 5 years and has offices in Geneva and Bern, as well as in surrounding countries enabling us to manage applications for travellers even if they do not reside in Switzerland.

Speed - fastest handling of visa and legalization applications

Wide range of services - Processing applications for over 200 countries, it also ETA for Australia and ESTA for the United States. Assistance in applying for invitations, translations and legalization

Exclusive database - Access to the full database which you clear and easy to understand, the right information and necessary forms to Verfügnung for each nationality and any destination

Secure Processing - The first priority in view of the confidentiality of the documents required

Real time tracking of you visa application - regular notification via email and online status tracking of orders

Worldwide network - 31 offices in 13 countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, France, Austria and Brazil