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Arctic Icebreaker Expedition

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Expedition Ship: Kapitan Khlebnikov

Kapitan Khlebnikov

51 cabins and suites, all cabins featuring private facilities and large windows, all cabins come equipped with a desk, hair dryer, robes and large closets, all suites have sitting room separated from the bedroom, TV and DVD player.

Ship Specification: Staff and Crew: 70, Guests: 110, Length: 122.5m, Breadth: 26.50m, Draft: 8.5m, Ice Class: 13, Cruising Speed: 15knots

75 Days Arctic Circumnavigation

10. July – 23. September 2016, starting from US$ 83’995.-

On this epic 75-day circumnavigation you will travel in true expedition style on the mighty Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker. Discover the fabled Northeast Passage, explore Northern Greenland where you will attempt to make polar history, travel through the best of the Canadian High Arctic and journey through the Northwest Passage, all while enjoying astounding aerial views afforded by Khlebnikov’s two on-board helicopters.

Your first journey begins through the Epic Northeast Passage, encountering thick pack ice, unique geological formations and the cultures of the Russian Arctic. Khlebnikov’s sheer icebreaking force takes you to some of these magnificent regions of the world others dare not sail (25 days).

The second voyage takes you to isolated Extreme Greenland. Visit the remains of Thule camps, enjoy the splendor of “iceberg alley” and excellent hiking and photography, glimpse into the lifestyle of Ittoqqortoormiit residents, and discover lush tundra and shore landings (21 days).

The third itinerary explores the Best of the Canadian High Arctic. Travel from quiet coastal towns to authentic Inuit communities to awe-inspiring Ilulissat, for an expedition to the less discovered Arctic (18 days).

The final portion of this historic adventure takes you to the haunting beauty of the Ultimate Northwest Passage. You’ll likely encounter whales, seals, polar bears and sea birds, and will enjoy visits to native communities, awe-inspiring scenery, and memorials and artifacts from the early voyages of exploration including those at Beechey Island (18 days).

Day-by-Day Expedition in Brief

  • Travel on the extraordinary, one-of-a-kind Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker
  • Take in magnificent aerial sightseeing on one of two helicopters
  • Witness the sights and sounds of the crushing of pack ice as you power through ice-choked waters
  • View some of the most magnificent icebergs in the world crossing Hall Bredning
  • Enjoy aerial views like none other in one of two helicopters on Kapitan Khlebnikov
  • Visit this rarely explored area of Greenland and the incredible Northeast Greenland National Park
  • Explore the beauty of the remote regions and charming villages
  • Discover the highlights of the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland
  • Encounter traditional cultures of remote Canadian and Russian Arctic communities
  • Explore important archaeological sites as well as historic sites of early arctic exploration

10. July – 04. August 2016, starting from US$ 29’995.-

On the fabled Northeast Passage, travelers will encounter thick pack ice, unique geological formations and the fascinating cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Arctic. On-board helicopters and the Khlebnikov’s sheer icebreaking force combine to take you to some of the most magnificent regions of the world others dare not sail. Your unforgettable journey will begin in Anchorage, a unique urban environment in the heart of great wilderness. Spend the day taking in the glorious scenery – populous wildlife, spectacular mountain vistas, fascinating culture and icy blue glaciers await your discovery.

Plan to arrive and make your way to the hotel in time for our pre-departure briefing at about 6 pm. The charter flight from Anchorage to Anadyr crosses the International Date Line. You will begin your flight on the morning of July 11 and end it early in the afternoon on July 12, losing a day enroute, even though the flight is only 3 hours. Travelers are transferred to the magnificent Kapitan Khlebnikov after clearing Russian customs, where the excitement of boarding the renowned Russian icebreaker begins as you travel northward through the Bering Strait

04. August – 24. August 2016, starting from US$ 23’495.-

Northeast Greenland is one of the most isolated regions in the world. The lush tundra supports herds of musk oxen, and shore landings offer excellent hiking and photographic opportunities. Visit the remains of Thule camps, and enjoy the splendor of “iceberg alley” as you navigate past majestic icebergs. Get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the residents of Ittoqqortoormiit, the most northerly community in East Greenland. Sailing south to Tasiilaq, you will undoubtedly spend time in the bar, exchanging impressions of this awesome wilderness with fellow travelers.

Silver Explorer

22. August – 08. September 2016,  starting from US$ 26’395.-

From quiet coastal towns to authentic Inuit communities to awe-inspiring Ilulissat, this voyage is ideal for those seeking an in-depth, authentic expedition to the less discovered areas of the Arctic. Truly off the beaten path.

06. September – 23. September 2016,  starting from US$ 20’695.-

On this special icebreaker expedition of the Northwest Passage, you’ll witness first-hand the haunting beauty of the northern wilderness, wildlife and culture. Be prepared to encounter every type of arctic wildlife, including whales, seals, polar bears, and sea birds and have a chance to immerse yourself in northern culture with visits to Canadian Inuit and Russian Yupik and Chuckchi communities. In addition to awe-inspiring scenery, you’ll see memorials and artifacts from the early voyages of exploration, including the Franklin graves at Beechey Island.



Important Reminder

Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy – and excitement – of expedition travel. Our actual icebreaker program will vary according to ice and weather conditions, unexpected opportunities and wildlife sightings. The captain and expedition leader will determine our exact route based on reconnaissance flights and ice reports. The ice conditions in the Arctic vary dramatically from season to season – and no specific itinerary can be guaranteed in advance. This itinerary is a tentative outline of what you’ll experience on this voyage. A measure of flexibility is something all of us must bring to a polar expedition.